Why it’s good to bet responsibly

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Why you miss such important information

Maybe you see on many places that it's highly recommended to be a responsible player. Many people think about that like it's just a stupid warning that doesn't make any sense. Especially when you 'see' that the big win is on its way and you bet everything you have just to be sure not to miss it?

  • Yes, this situation is quite common and it's not something new when there is no win at the end.
  • Just spent emotions and a lot of your money or credit?That's how the addiction starts at all.
  • After that you start to bet more just to give your money back first until you accept that there is no chance to do that?

Look, it's a serious trap if you skip such warnings. You can become a big loser in life and spend all of your money just to save them. There are many movies, books, stories with such end.

What's happening when I am not responsible

It's normal to see that online betting is for adults only. That's because they are responding noble persons! Using a legit site is truly OK but it's not your parent to keep you out of troubles when you decide to spend a lot of your money to get more without any work.

Also, once you are into such situations it comes to deep understanding of all stats, tips, news, advisors and so on. You start to search for perfect bet and 100% guaranteed win just to place everything you own.

Once you are in such situation, you need help buddy. Yes, the next steps can be very important In your life, so it's better to speak with experts who can help you to get out of it. If you feel enough confidence and continue to lose money, it's only a question of time to lose your mind.

Guys, we are gamblers too. Over 15 years of experience, many happy days, a lot of bad bets. We know what it means. The good news is that in US you can find help. There are free services that will help and continue to support you to stay on the right way.

How to bet responsibly

In general it's an entertainment. You should do it for fun like you buy a lotto ticket. If you are enough lucky you can win a lot but it's just a game. There are many good sites with recommended practice what to do in such situations. Just search on Internet and you will find blogs, institutions and more.

How we understand to be responsible player? It's not something hard to do. Just principles or gambling philosophy. For every one Its personal and you may have your own path to do that.

What we think is good and it really works:

  • Think about betting only in particular days of the week or when you see a promotion
  • Read the news only to stay informed how it is going on
  • Make weekly or monthly limit to bet online because when you don't touch the money you spend them easier
  • Get a new credit card with low limit of about $300 or $500 and use it only for betting. VISA debit and VISA electron work as well.
  • Never use a bank account where you receive your paycheck or keep your savings
  • Never use family savings to bet, even the result is ‘100% sure'
  • Enjoy the game and have fun because it's pretty rare to win so much that you will have enough money for the rest of your life

We hope that this information and our tips are very useful for you. If you need further assistance it's better to reach the customers support team of your betting site or directly a trusted authority that helps in such situations.

Good luck and really play responsibly!