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Derby Jackpot Review

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Main features at Derby Jackpot

This brand works a lot on user experience, jackpots and there are many good features to use. It's much easier to access any page on the website and see what's hot.

  • Quick registration process in one step only
  • Different types of cash bonuses to choose from
  • Fully online and mobile platform to bet

Do you want to know what's interesting with this website, is it really legit, how to reach the support team and what are the games? Definitely it's an interesting platform and now you will understand is DerbyJackpot the right place for you.

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Is Derby Jackpot legit for US players?

Yes, it is. The company operates from New York. It's licensed in Oregon and accept players from almost all states. It's open for US and Canadian players as well. It's not allowed to open an account if you reside in Alaska, Arizona, District of Columbia, Georgia, Hawaii, Mississippi, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Utah.

If you are from the allowed states it's also required to be at least 18 years of age (19 in Alabama and 21 in Iowa, Kansas, and New Hampshire). The betting platform is powered by Xpressbet (the big name one the market) and it's a good sign for 1st class service for horse bets.

For players who want to reach the support team, or ask something about their accounts, please use:

Derby Games Customer Service

902 Broadway Ave, 4th Floor

New York, NY 10010
Email: help @ derbyjackpot . com
Telephone: 866-562-4105

Derby Horse Gaming

Horse betting at Derby Jackpot

Now, let's go into the details of this website. To start your betting experience with this brand you will need an account. Once you are registered you will step the deposit options. You can can choose from $25 to over $200. For each deposit you choose there is a different bonus. You can make a payment and get your winnings with credit cards, paypal and other popular methods here.

Cool horse betting option

The website is organized in three different sections. Each of them has different options to choose from and it depends what you are looking for. The special betting is accessible to the tap ‘Derby Jackpot'. Once the page is opened you will see many options to play:

  • Info about the progressive jackpot
  • Monkey, Donkey, Granny, Gonzo, Fiddy, Dime
  • Size of your bet (min $1 to max $1,000)
  • Button to place bet online

Actually the process here is quite simple and it requires to

  1. Pick a horse – choose which one is the best choice for you
  2. Select Amount – how much money you will bet
  3. Place and confirm your bet – the last step

Derby Elite online bets

The classic (traditional ) betting is available in the section ‘Derby Elite' where you can see the list of upcoming races. Each one has information about the horses, current odds and button to bet directly.

There is block with live video, your current bets and all types of bets. You can choose from Win, Place, Show, Win place, Win place show, Exacta, Exacta Box, Trifecta, Superfecta and more.

The horse details have information about Jockey, Trainer, Owner (!) and race history (if there is something). It's interesting to see the animated icons of each horse because they are pretty good and it looks really fun.

The section has full list of all tracks from Australia, USA, Scotland, South Africa, UK and more.

Derby Jackpot games online

Amazing innovation and next generation betting are combined on a very interesting way. With only one account you will have access to special games available for registered users. All of them are made to reward the players with extra cash and make online gaming more interesting.

Actually there are special games that you can use. Both of them have jackpots that you can grab.

Derby Betting Jackpot

That's the first game. It's mostly connected to real horse betting and that's why will explain first. As we love to say “First things, first!”. So, what's included, how to play, how much you can win? That's we are going to explain here:

In order to become a big winner you need to make 9 consecutive winning bets using the special horses. These buts have to be 3 Grannys, 3 Donkeys and finally 3 Monkeys. If you complete all these levels you will get the progressive jackpot. Sounds good?

You will have 24 hours to complete this task of nine successful bets.Each game has the price of $4 ($2 entry fee and $2 goes into the pari-mituel pool or totepool as wager). The jackpot is not fixed, it's progressive and usually it goes over $2,000 and sometimes you can see over $10,000.

For full details and terms of this offer, it's better to see your account. That's the best place stay up to date with all changes.

Derby Lotto Game

This game is much easier. It's mostly for social players. You need first to verify your account and then to get a ticket. It's totally FREE to play and can win one of 4 different jackpots. The biggest one is usually $100,000 and the others are between $10,000, $1,000 and $10. The big prize varies but not so much.

The platforms has information when will be the next draw, what's the current jackpot, what are your tickets and when it's finished – what are the winning numbers. There are 3 jackpot series – In the morning, Lunch time and Evening.

These two games are pretty good to win more. The first one is paid, but the second one is free so you can always try different options to enjoy a big prize in your pocket.

Why to use Derby jackpot for horse betting

It's a reliable brand, really legit and you can see that are many options to choose from. The betting is more interesting and everything works really fast. All the information is presented on a very simple way.

You can get advantage of many other benefits like

  • Free mobile app for iPad and iPhone, mobile website for Android, Windows, Blackberry
  • Very good bonus program to boost your bankroll
  • Exclusive money back up to $100
  • Dynamic track system for current races
  • Free notifications for big jackpots and special events
  • Facebook login (just use your username and password for Facebook)
  • Deposits with Walmart Card, Starbucks Card, VISA, MasterCard, Paypal

The website paid over $12,000,000 in 2015!

You can start with up to $250 welcome bonus and join the betting community!
Don't miss the jackpot options, they are very good