Refer a friend promotion

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Social wagering promotion with cash bonuses for your bros

Bet together, win together, play more. That’s the slogan of all refer a friend promotions. Build your own betting community and get more cash rewards.

  • Invite all your friends to share your betting experience
  • Get cash bonus for each of your pals
  • Comment your strategies and winnings to get better results

The refer a friend promotion is the most interesting social offer for horse racing betting. Usually it’s available at only few bookmakers. Talk to your buddies and join the right place to play.

Get a bonus with refer a friend offer

Everybody is interested to do something when he or she will be rewarded for that. No one will do something for free and we’re not an exception. This exotic deal is made to share your betting experience with more friends and invite them to play at one place.

To get a bonus, it’s necessary to send them an invitation by email. No need of official letters or business cards. Just log in and use the submission form to send a sign up request. This way will reward both of you when your mate starts to play for real.

It’s not a good idea to invite them just to sign up at some bookie because the invitation cannot be tracked, and that’s problematic. Just ask for an email and follow the steps. All bonuses are paid in real cash. You can use this money only bet.

Of course, when you achieve good results and winnings, you will be allowed to withdraw the money to your bank account or credit card.

Top referring a friend promotion for horse betting

All deals are eligible for U.S. customers. Also, some of them work for Canadians if you have such friends. There is no restriction how many people you will invite to join your bookmaker. Just think about that. Maybe everyone needs a legal bookie, but there is not enough time to search for that.

The most attractive offer right now will give $50 for each friend you refer. You can make $ 1000 for 20 friends only. That's a lot of money given away just like that. Yes, that's right. You can go through that and find more players to join the betting club.

Your pals will use the welcome offer of $300, so they will be happy too. Open an account, make a list of all advantages and start talking to your friends about that. Sometimes you can discover a new opportunity for horse wagering and cash bonuses.

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