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What's the situation with taxes? I saw many different opinions and it's always confusing.

I want to be sure what are the requirements before any registration or payment. Some sites doesn't ask for my birth date.

Hey, I want to become rich within few big bets. Please tell me how to do that quickly?

Sorry, but it's not possible. We are not licensed betting operator in US and we do not hold a permit to accept players. We only provide information about online betting, bookmakers, bonuses, promotions and mobile apps. You can find a lot of interesting and useful information here, but you can not bet here.

You can find very good bookmakers on our website. We do not add any reviews, ads and offers by offshore companies and bookies outside of US.

What to do to be successful player and what are the steps to bet online? Is there a tutorial step by step?

I see that there is a field in the registration form that requires my SSN? Do I need really to give it to online betting site?