Best horse betting site for beginners

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Ultimate destination for beginners

Every new player needs time and practice to build confidence with online betting and understand how it works. It's a key moment for everyone who loves horse races.

  • It's much different compared to local and telephone bets.
  • That's why you should be more patient before any real money deposit.
  • Start with free account or use the demo version

How to understand quickly what's happening online and how to benefit of web betting? Why this platform is so recommended for newbies and how to get advantage of all features. Just continue reading.

All advantages for all new horse bettors

Every new start has something scary until you build your comfort zone. It's always better to learn for free, that's why you can step forward into this opportunity.

List of features and betting options

  • 100% free to register new account. Get access without deposit
  • Free demo mode to practice all opportunities
  • Full video explanation to start and what to do
  • Mix of different betting types
  • Excellent interface with free live streaming (excluding NY)
  • High performance platform to be fast
  • Countdown for all upcoming events and races
  • Horse betting on races from America, Europe, Australia
  • Login with Facebook account directly
  • Licensed in Oregon, USA

If you intend to make a deposit, you can use:

  • Money back program up to $100
  • PayPal payments and all major credit cards
  • 4 types of welcome bonus
  • Jackpot games for $4 per play
  • Free daily jackpots up to $100,000
  • Race video preview
  • All top races in USA

You can easily the mix of advantages. This betting company is featured on ESPN, Bloomberg, Forbes, NBC, Business Week, Tech Crunch.

Fully secured platform that you can use to start your horse betting journey online from zero.